Spring Springar Spree

Zoom with the Mid-Atlantic Norwegian Dancers (MAND)

at the 15th annual


MAY 6th-9th, 2021

The pandemic aborted our 15th Spree last spring; now we're Zooming. As always, you can attend all or part of the weekend, and donate what works for your budget.

On Thursday evening, Hardanger fiddler Loretta Kelley will treat us to a program of beautiful tunes, including old ones she's dusted off this year, with interesting lore. Then from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon there will be a series of standalone dance classes, Hardanger fiddle classes, and of course parties with live music and cozy socializing before and after. And more…. Exactly what and who and when is being firmed up, so check back here soon!

The magical Hardanger fiddle has sympathetic strings under the bowed strings--see HFAA.org. And some of the grooviest tunes they play are springars. Hardanger fiddlers and wannabes, please contact Loretta (LorettaKelley~at~fanitull~dot~org; please incl MAND in Subject) as early as possible for class planning, and if you’d like to play a tune at a party.

Come dance or play or watch/listen! Newbies welcome. If you don’t know a dance, just have fun moving to the music; you’re among friends.

Contact is Jenny, pi~at~xecu~dot~net (please incl MAND in Subject), C 24O344OO66.

STAFF: Hardanger fiddlers Arne Anderdal, Loretta Kelley, and TBD. Dance teachers Roo Lester & Larry Harding (dances TBD) and Kathi Ploeger & Don Meyer (Hallingspringar). Bios coming soon.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE—check back for updates:


TBD concert--Loretta


TBD baking together (Norwegian, pre-mixed)

5, 5:30, or 6 dinner social hour

6, 6:30, or 7 concert--Arne (approx 45 min)

then party!

then afterparty socializing & desserts


9:15-10:45 Hardingfele class—beg/int w Loretta

11:00-1:00 dance class—Hallingspringar w Kathi & Don

1:15-2:45 Hardingfele class—int/adv w Arne

3:00 til TBD dance class—TBD w Roo & Larry

then show & tell--costume/accessories

5, 5:30, or 6 dinner social hour

6, 6:30, or 7 party! (Arne first set)

then afterparty socializing & desserts


9:00-10:30 HF class—beg/int w Loretta

10:45-11:30 dance class—TBD w Roo & Larry

11:45-1:15 HF class—int/adv w Arne

1:30-2:30 luncheon social hour

2:30 party! (Arne first set)

then afterparty socializing & desserts