Spring Springar Spree

Zoom with the Mid-Atlantic Norwegian Dancers (MAND)

at the 15th annual


MAY 6th-9th, 2021

The pandemic aborted our 15th Spree last spring. Our cozy monthly parties with potluck and dancing have been Zooming since July, so let’s try it for the Spree!

The weekend will be saturated with a wide variety of live Norwegian Hardanger fiddle (Hardingfele) music. These magical fiddles have sympathetic strings under the bowed strings--see HFAA.org. And some of the grooviest tunes they play are springars.

Relaxed schedule runs Thursday evening to almost dinnertime on Sunday: two concerts, three parties, three standalone dance classes (in case folks can’t attend all), four Hardanger fiddle classes (2 levels), and more. With social time before and after the parties for those who don’t mind extra screen time.

Staff: Norwegian Hardanger fiddlers Arne Anderdal (featured), Loretta Kelley, Karin Løberg Code, Laura Hummel, Martha Levenson, and maybe more. Swedish Nyckelharpists Laura Hummel and Sonia White. Dance teachers Roo Lester & Larry Harding (multiple dances) and Kathi Ploeger & Don Meyers (Hallingspringar).

Like past years, you can attend all or part of the weekend, and toss in what seems right and works for your budget. Unlike past years, there will be a basic pre-registration for most or all attendees to smooth the planning and Zooming. Hardanger fiddlers and wannabes, please pre-register early for class planning, and contact Loretta if you’d like to play a tune at a party.

Come dance or play or watch/listen! Newbies welcome. If you don’t know a dance, just have fun moving to the music; you’re among friends. See you at the Spree….

Info at MAND.fanitull.org. Contact for music (Hardanger fiddle classes, concerts, and party music) is Loretta Kelley, lorettakelley~at~fanitull~dot~org. Contact for everything else is Jenny Foster, pi~at~xecu~dot~net, H 3O1-371-4312. Please begin Subject of email with “MAND SSS.”

(OK to share the above announcement to friends and dance/music groups but not post online; please let Jenny know, and ask for shorter version if you prefer. Thanks!)



Details below have had various additions/updates, and are especially subject to change during this new Zoom adventure, so please check back. (You might need to click the refresh symbol to see the latest.)

STAFF: Click here to see list and bios of our wonderful staff.

REGISTRATION: Please click here to fill out the brief form. Be sure to finish and get all the way to the confirmation screen, which has a button to change your info and shows your completed form. (That confirmation copy of your completed form includes the intro at top of form in addition to your answers, which could be a bit confusing.) Registering early will help with planning, especially for Hardanger fiddlers; but we will be checking for new registrations at times during the weekend, so go ahead. Most Spree info is here on website; certain additional info will be sent to registrants, including Zoom links and Hardanger fiddle class resources. And some recordings (such as dance demos) will be available afterward to registrants.

MONEY: Please send some if you can, to help cover Spree expenses. Whatever seems right. Any amount is OK. Really. If you have deep pockets and would like to do a little more than your share so we can be more generous to our excellent staff, that’s wonderful! Or, if money's tight, just send what suits your budget—the important thing is to be there! Checks to Jenny Foster, 4532 Old National Pike, Middletown, MD 21769; with the current state of the PO you might want to email to say it’s sent—please include “MAND SSS” at beginning of Subject. Or Paypal to pi~at~xecu~dot~net; please be sure to check “sending money to a friend.” Thanks!

Note for those attending the Thursday concert: Loretta and Laura have generously said it is to be designated as free to all--it's their gift to the community.

ZOOM LINKS/INFO: will be emailed *to registrants* (and certain others)

by 4pm on Thursday May 6 for the concert that evening

by noon on Friday May 7 for the rest of the Spree.

Please do us a favor and *register* well before then, thanks! You should also update your Zoom software to the latest, which matters for some things.

SCHEDULE—Eastern time zone-- may change so check back:

You’re welcome to attend all or part of:


7:30 concert—Loretta and Laura


1:00 baking together (Norwegian, pre-mixed)

then break

6:00 dinner social hour

7:00 concert--Arne (approx 45 min)

then party!

then afterparty socializing & desserts


9:15-10:45 Hardanger fiddle class—beg/int w Karin

11:00-1:00 dance class—Hallingspringar w Kathi & Don

1:15-2:45 Hardanger fiddle class—int/adv w Arne

3:00-4:45 dance class—3 dances w Roo & Larry

5:00 show & tell & chat—your costumes/accessories

6:00 dinner social hour

7:00 party!

then afterparty socializing & desserts


9:00-10:30 Hardanger fiddle class—beg/int w Loretta

10:45-11:30 dance class—Vossarull w Roo & Larry

11:45-1:15 Hardanger fiddle class—int/adv w Arne

1:30-2:30 luncheon/coffee/tea social hour

2:30 party!

then afterparty socializing & desserts

MUSICIANS FOR DANCE CLASSES & PARTIES (all live except R&L’s classes):

Kathi & Don’s class: Martha

Roo & Larry’s classes: recordings

FRI party: Loretta, Karin, Sonia

SAT party: Arne (first set), Loretta, Sonia, Martha, then Lightning Round*

SUN party: Arne (first set), then TBD incl Lightning Round*

*”Lightning Round” is a showcase of Spree participants and friends who donate their talent by playing one tune each in quick succession.

Party music will be a good variety of Norwegian Springars and Gangars, Rørospols, Vossarul, Reinlender, etc. And some Swedish Hambos, Polskas, etc. on nyckelharpa.

DANCES TO BE TAUGHT—you can dance w (human or non) partner or solo:

Kathi & Don will teach Hallingspringar—one of the “big three” springars; it and our featured fiddler Arne are from Hallingdal, so we couldn’t resist having a review of our featured dance from 2019. It will also be a fine intro for those new to the dance. (Note to folks who attended the ScandiaDC dance class in March: that solo step sequence gave you a head start on the steps/svikt for this.) Roo & Larry’s Saturday class will include, in some order: Polsdans fra Finnskogen (often called Finnskogspols—a lively dance which might be played on “flat” fiddle or Hardanger fiddle), Reinlender fra Fosen (an easy and fun Reinlender variation), and a little about the style of vals (waltz) in Norway. On Sunday they will teach Vossarull—the Rull from Voss, where Arne lives now—a slow, graceful walking and turning dance to dreamy music…. These four dances are well loved and have quite distinct rhythms and dance moves, which will help dancers keep them straight.

BAKING TOGETHER on Friday for the weekend: Pre-mix your dough; then let’s chat on Zoom while forming/baking our goodies and sitting down to enjoy them hot from the oven with tea or coffee. During the pandemic we can’t share the goodies in person as usual, but we can share recipes—do you have one or more Norwegian baking ones to email to Jenny for a recipes page here? Or there are plenty of recipes online. (Note from Jenny: I’ll be doing something easy I’ve been meaning to try: kransekake “circle cake” dough simply rolled into balls and stamped with Norwegian cookie stamps, instead of making and stacking the traditional circles. Join me?)

SHOW & TELL & CHAT—YOUR COSTUMES & ACCESSORIES: This is a social time for those who enjoy showing off or admiring costume pieces and accessories (jewelry, belts, purses, shoes, etc.), and chatting about where they are from, how they are worn, or whatever. At the time in a weekend when folks might naturally do so, while dressed up for Saturday night dinner/dance.

SOCIAL HOURS & AFTERPARTIES: MAND has a lovely community tradition of cozy potlucks & parties, including our monthly events (live and on Zoom) and Spree Sunday brunches. So don’t be shy about eating while socializing. You might also like to do some needlework or a jigsaw puzzle during social times, or while listening to the music during the weekend.

Speaking of jigsaw puzzles, Jenny often puts them out for folks to do at Spree and another event. So here’s one for you—a fjord in the US! (BTW, congrats to Larry who recently finished his 100th pandemic puzzle—a large one of a sky full of fireworks—he likes the tough ones!)

ARNE’S CDs: Martha Levenson of Seattle is selling a CD by Arne for him. It is “not a CD available through traditional sources; it is self-published and produced. The CD is called Låtta, and it features 13 tunes from Hallingdal, all played in with the idea that they are for dance. You can hear the tapping audibly, especially on the springars. There are also a couple of rull, and a couple of reinlender. The cost is $15.” For more info and to order, email her at scanfiddles~at~gmail~dot~com; please put “Arne’s CD” in Subject.

VOLUNTEERS: Are you comfortable with Zoom hosting/cohosting? We could use a few more people to cohost during the Spree. Could you, would you? Either during a session you're attending, or during one you wouldn't have attended (so others can concentrate on their class or dance their favorite set). Contact Jenny. Thanks to all our volunteers, past, present, and future!

CONTACT for music (Hardanger fiddle classes, concerts, and party music) is Loretta Kelley, lorettakelley~at~fanitull~dot~org. Contact for everything else is Jenny Foster, pi~at~xecu~dot~net, H 3O13714312, C24O344OO66 (texting OK). Please begin Subject of email with “MAND SSS.”

INFO MAY CHANGE so check back for updates! (You might need to click the refresh symbol to see the latest.) Hope this long yet organized info answers ALL your questions….