Spring Springar Spree


weekend of March 24-26, 2023

about 48 hrs from Fri eve party thru Sun late afternoon party

Spree will be in person,

with as much Zoom access as we can do

for folks far away





Zoom with the Mid-Atlantic Norwegian Dancers (MAND)

at the 16th annual


APRIL 29-MAY 1, 2022

AGAIN, THIS IS LAST YEAR'S INFO FYI; 2023 info is firming up and will be up soon.

On Zoom, like last year’s successful Spree. Some folks gather with friends to Zoom for our monthly parties; you might like to do so wherever you are in the world.

The Spree runs Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, with dance and Hardanger fiddle classes, a concert/program, an in-depth talk on balance for dancers, and of course parties! Plus social time for those who want to visit.

Music: As always, the weekend will be saturated with a wide variety of all live Norwegian Hardanger fiddle (Hardingfele) music. These magical fiddles have sympathetic strings under the bowed strings--see HFAA.org. And some of the grooviest tunes they play are springars. Our own beloved Hardanger fiddler, Loretta Kelley, will teach classes, present a concert/program, and MC at parties where she and others will play.

Dance: Alix Cordray of Oslo will teach Vestlandsspringar and another dance or two such as the western Masurka, called Polka med støyt, with her partner Bjørn Ove Opheim and their musician Elise Tegnér.

Like past years, you can attend all or part of the weekend, and toss in what seems right and works for your budget. Unlike past years, there will be a basic pre-registration to smooth the planning and Zooming; please do so early.

Come dance or play or watch/listen! Newbies welcome. If you don’t know a dance, just have fun moving to the music; you’re among friends. See you at the Spree….

Info at MAND.fanitull.org. Contact is Jenny Foster, pi~at~xecu~dot~net, H 3O1-371-4312. Please begin Subject of email with “MAND SSS.”

(OK to share the above as an announcement to friends and dance/music groups but not post online; please let Jenny know, and ask for shorter version if you prefer. Thanks!)



Details below are subject to change, so please check back. (You might need to click the refresh symbol to see the latest.)

STAFF: Click here to see list and bios of our wonderful staff.

SCHEDULE (Eastern time zone)—will change so please check back:

You’re welcome to attend all or part of:


6:00 socializing & sound checks

7:00 concert/program--Loretta

then afterparty socializing & desserts


9:30-10:00 socializing & sound checks

10:00-12:30 dance class--Alix (w breaks)

12:45-2:15 beg/int Hardanger fiddle class—Loretta

2:30-5:00 dance class—Alix (w breaks)

5:15-5:45 talk--Beyond Balance Basics for Dancers--Jenny

6:00 dinner social hour & sound checks

7:00 party!

then afterparty socializing & desserts


9:00-9:30 socializing & sound checks

9:30-11:00 dance class/review/Q&A—Alix (w breaks)

and fiddlers' brunch social*

11:00-11:15 sound checks

and brunch social* overlap for all

11:15-12:45 int/adv Hardanger fiddle class—Loretta

and dancers' brunch social*

12:45-1:00 sound checks

and a bit more brunch social* for all

1:00 party!

then afterparty socializing & desserts

*Brunch social will quite probably be in a breakout room. Or perhaps a separate Zoom. Check back here....


Our Loretta Kelley has agreed to do a program, which will surely be as splendid as last year’s. During the pandemic she has been dusting off various gems in her repertoire, many with associated stories….


As always, party music will be a good variety of Norwegian Springars and Gangars, Rørospols, Vossarul, Reinlender, etc. And some Swedish Hambos, Polskas, etc. on nyckelharpa. Sets will be played by our Loretta Kelley on Hardanger fiddle and Sonia White on nyckelharpa, plus Laura Hummel on both and Mira Dickey on Hardanger fiddle. Maybe others, too.

And would YOU like to play a tune among friends? We’d love it! For “lightning rounds” showcasing Spree participants and friends who donate their talents by playing one tune each in quick succession. Please contact Jenny for planning.

DANCES TO BE TAUGHT—you can dance w (human or non) partner or solo:

Alix Cordray of Oslo will teach the beautiful Vestlandsspringar from Western Norway, and another dance or two such as the western Masurka called Polka med støyt, with her partner Bjørn Ove Opheim and their musician Elise Tegnér. (As in some past years, we are coordinating with ScandiaDC, where Linda Brooks and David Auty just taught a few selected moves from Vestlandsspringar in March.) Alix will also talk about the history of the dance, and show some videos. Here’s a video of Alix and Bjørn Ove: Vestlandsspringar - YouTube And here’s another, in case that one makes you dizzy from watching the footwork so much: Vestlandsspringar - YouTube And this couple was sure having fun dancing Vestlandsspringar back in 1971: Vestlandspringar 1971. - YouTube


Dr. Jenny Foster has a 33-year particular interest in balance for dancers, esp. when spinning/turning. She will discuss the three types of nerves going to the balance center in the brain and share various practical tips, going way beyond and outside the standard advice.

SOCIAL TIME & AFTERPARTIES: MAND has a lovely community tradition of cozy potlucks & parties, including our monthly events (live and on Zoom) and Spree Sunday brunches. So don’t be shy about eating while socializing. You might also like to do some needlework or a jigsaw puzzle during social times, or while listening to the music during the weekend. And if you want to socialize with friends on Zoom any other time during the Spree, just ask Jenny to open a breakout room for you. See you there!

REGISTRATION: Hardanger fiddlers and wannabes, please email Jenny ASAP for planning purposes, to say what class(es) you’d like to attend and if you’d like to play a tune at a party. Everybody: if you're not on the MAND email list, please email Jenny ASAP and say whether you want to be put on that list or just get emails for this Spree.

ZOOM LINKS & OTHER INFO: Most Spree info is here on website. Hardanger fiddle class resources will be sent to registered fiddlers. And some recordings may be available afterward.

Zoom links will be emailed to MAND email list and other registrants on Friday. Please do not share them without checking with Jenny, or post them anywhere. You should update your Zoom software to the latest, which matters for some things. And know how to mute/unmute, chat, move in & out of breakout rooms, etc. Please rename yourself with name and location, and generally keep muted except when speaking, and minimize background noise. Hosts/cohosts will try to click on everyone to allow multi-pinning, which is nice for seeing the musicians and a few windows of dancers instead of all the little windows with names in them; if we miss you let us know in the Chat.

MONEY: Please send some if you can, to help cover Spree expenses. Whatever seems right. Any amount is OK. Really. If you have deep pockets and would like to do a little more than your share so we can be more generous to our excellent staff, that’s wonderful! Or, if money's tight, just send what suits your budget or don’t—the important thing is to be there! Checks to Jenny Foster, 4532 Old National Pike, Middletown, MD 21769; with the current state of the PO you might want to email to say it’s sent. Or Paypal to her email address; please be sure to check “sending money to a trusted friend.” Thanks!

For those attending Loretta’s program/concert: she has generously said it is to be free—another gift from her to the community.

VOLUNTEERS: Are you comfortable with Zoom hosting/cohosting? We could use a few more people to cohost a while during the Spree. Maybe you could during a session you're attending, or during one you wouldn't have attended (so others can concentrate on their class or dance their favorite set)? Contact Jenny. Thanks to all our volunteers, past, present, and future!

CONTACT is Jenny Foster. Email pi~at~xecu~dot~net (actual email addr not shown for a reason); please begin Subject of email with “MAND SSS.” Or phone H 3O13714312, C24O344OO66 (texting OK).

INFO MAY CHANGE so check back for updates! (You might need to click the refresh symbol to see the latest.) Hope this long yet organized info answers ALL your questions….